Less bullets for US Governments’ guns!

The debate recently foisted upon America, not triggered by the evil deaths of innocents, but by the crises of conscience of those in power (and those in media who believe they are in power), has inexorably delivered our collective thinking to the certainty that more rules & less bullets will save our society from gun violence; which statistically speaking has gone down over the last twenty years.  The President happily took this diversion, from the true elephant in the room, the national debt crisis caused by our mutual dependence on spending our children’s children’s inheritance.  “The debate is over!” many would argue.  And now the dispute is simply how many bullets and new restrictions are acceptable.  I for one welcome this argument, but from a different perspective.  Today’s most important question is, how can we reduce the number of bullets we give congress?

A hunting buddy of mine once told me, “If you give me a gun with fewer bullets, I will be a better shot.”  The wisdom in this statement is obvious:  having less means you have to more careful with what you do have.  Even accepting the anti-gun argument, that new bans & limitations will make it harder for evil-doers with guns to get more bullets (or shoot more bullets), which would result in less carnage, ignores human nature (assuming these murderers are human of course).  Would not knowing they have fewer bullets to work with, cause shooters to be more careful with their shots?  But I truly digress, as have all of us.

If we could ban the obscenely high magazine capacity (imagine a magazine with unlimited bullets) of public debt, would it not cause Congress, the Senate, and the President to make do with less?   If we limited their ability to get their hands on their magic bullets, known as new taxes, would it not cause our government to make do with the ammunition they already have?   “Who needs so many bullets!” was a recent cry.  I agree!!!   Or my favorite, “Why does a hunter need an assault weapon?”  Here is a better question, “Why do we let our government assault us every year with the weapons of ever increasing taxes, and gross financial mismanagement?”

New debates, fueled by real crises, will soon take over the imagined one on guns:  the debt ceiling, sequestration, and more new taxes.  Let us take our collective new thinking about weapons and apply that same logic in the coming months to saving our economy, which is already too week from the mass shootings of $5 Billion in new debt the past four years.  Let’s do it for our children, and our children’s children.  Give our government fewer bullets to work with.

Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.

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Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.
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