‘Law & Order: Syria Policy Unit’ would not be believable TV either

After reading so many stories about the proposed course of action the US should take against Syria, something struck me:  what if our nation’s police forces, in dealing with their criminals, were to follow the same policies our President would have us follow in dealing with Syria?   Further, if this were a TV show, let’s call it Law & Order: Syria Policy Unit, would the American people find this remotely believable?

With Law & Order: SPU, the antagonist is a serial killer, who is currently holed up in his lair, trying to avoid capture or death.  Based on previous Law and Order episodes, we would expect the police to knock down the “suspect’s” door and arrest or kill him, if he attempted to use deadly force against the arresting officers.  However, in our TV show, let’s see what the police would have done with this “suspected” serial killer.

The police commander, we’ll call him Barry, would have announced on TV to the public, rather than directly to the serial killer, we’ll call him Cyril; that if that he were to use a really big weapon next time, killing many people at once, Cyril would have crossed a red line.  If he did, the police were then going to come and get him.

Many boring episodes later, we come to find out that the Cyril did in fact use a really big weapon to murder many people, and the police had irrefutable proof of this crime, no doubt from their CSI: Syria unit.  Barry’s police prep for a plan and his PR officers make public statements on TV news programs that it is necessary to do something to Cyril.  Barry orders a police car, with a gun with a few bullets, to drive around Cyril’s neighborhood.

On the next episode, we find another police force commander, we’ll call him Dave.  His police voted and said they would not support Barry’s police if they decided to do something to Cyril.  Dave says, although he believes something should be done to Cyril, he will support the vote.

Barry’s PR officers state that there never was a red line and that Barry will make a big speech on what action the police will be taken against Cyril.  Some of the neighboring criminals speak out against Barry and his police force.  One of the worst neighboring criminals, we’ll call him Russ, announces that he doesn’t believe in the proof from CSI: Syria.  Russ threatens severe consequences if Barry’s police take action against Cyril.  A flashback reminds us that Russ is also a big arms dealer who has sold Cyril many of his weapons.

Barry during his ‘big’ speech, he has a plan, which had been leaked in a previous episode, whereby the police will shoot a few bullets into Cyril’s windows, but promise they would not physically approach Cyril nor would they try to arrest or kill him.  Berry then surprises every one, in that he decided to have all of his officers vote first on the plan before moving forward.  The audience suspects that Barry is hoping to follow in Dave’s footsteps, and look to others for cover.  Barry schedules another public speech, where he plans on explaining to his department why they should vote for his plan of firing a couple of bullets through Cyril’s windows, but not actually arresting him.

On yesterday’s “jump the shark” episode, Russ announces again on TV (Barry and Russ are obviously not talking) that he has a great new proposal; if Cyril would just give up his really big weapon, then Barry could just forget about all the mass murders Cyril committed and let bygones be bygones.  Cyril says he would go for this.  Barry and his police consider the proposal.

Were these the episodes of our fictional Law & Order: SPU, it would not be believable to the TV viewing public.  Yet, in the real life version of this TV drama, today we’ll hear from Barry, I mean our President.  Will, he make the case for his proposal of policing Syria by shooting a couple of cruise missiles through Assad’s windows, and telling him ahead of time that that’s all we will do, and that this will be enough to avert this future bad behavior?  Or maybe he’ll accept Russ’ proposal?  Based on poling data, it doesn’t look like the American public is buying the real life version of this made-for-TV drama either.

When a TV show’s ratings are as bad as they are for our president; the hope of show producers is that the introduction of the “jump the shark” episode will ramp up ratings again.  It didn’t work for the Fonz; it certainly will not work for the Prez!  Regardless, we all have the feeling that this drama has had one too many episodes and wish it were getting cancelled soon.

Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.

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Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.
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