It’s STILL the economy stupid!

While our narcissistic Avoider-in-Chief desperately attempts to move the focus of the national conversation to anything but the economy, we are continually reminded of how bad things are and how much worse they could become.  This past week the reminders came from the EU, that hodgepodge of Western European Socialist countries who have stuck their heads in the sand but once more and refused to deal the obvious fact that everyone else sees:  YOU ARE BANKRUPT!

Reminder #1: Former President Nicolas Sarkozy becomes one of the few French leaders to be defeated for a second term, by a big time Socialist none the less who has never held elected office; all because Sarkozy had the gall to suggest that France deal with its ridiculously bloated government & subsequent debt problems through austerity measures.  However, because something like three quarters of the population (The US is at 70%) are receiving government handouts, the French populous voted for the “don’t take away mine, take it from the rich guy!” ticket.  Now, ‘quelle surprise’, the uber-rich of France are looking to relocate across the Channel to their much more economically friendly neighbor, England.

Reminder #2:  The government of Greece, who is what France is becoming, couldn’t decide on what to do regarding its debt, so once more they will have their umteenth election to find more representatives to not deal with their problems (Deficit at 170% of GDP, 21% unemployment, & -4% GDP growth).   Meanwhile, unemployed bums, who continue to receive handouts from their government, have once again taken to the streets to protest even the thought that they should get a job and stop taking money from their government.

America, can you see the writing on the wall???

Our perpetual Candidate-in-Chief, who has now done more re-election fundraising events than all previous incumbent presidents since Richard Nixon - COMBINED (This is true.  Really!), is running on the ticket of “we can keep spending money we don’t have and taxing ourselves into prosperity” ticket.  Which countries does this remind you of???  Don’t tell me…  I know the answer…  Oh yeah, France & Greece!   How’s that plan working out for you?

So, what is the great Divider-in-Chief’s answer on how to deal with our economy’s looming problems… “My opinion about gay marriage is evolving…  Guess what?   I support it!”  Now, paragons of virtue like Ms. (Sorry, I will not say Mrs.) Yep-I’m-Gay, Ellen Degenerate and her Hollywood friends can open up their bank accounts to support the one president who understands their cause.  Meanwhile, Evangelicals NOW feel motivated to support his opponent.   All the while Rome is STILL burning folks!

To quote the only semi-intelligent quip ever uttered by the rambling James Carville, “It’s the economy stupid!”

I am reminded of the following simple but irrefutable facts I learned in Econ 101 class, which bear repeating:


Fact #1:  Do not spend more than you have

Every one of us knows that if we spend more than we have, it’s called debt.  Further we know, if our debt gets too big, we will become unable to pay, and that is called insolvency.  When that happens, banks cut up our credit cards and we are forced to deal with the problem.  Can anyone argue with a straight face and more than a fifth grade education, that this isn’t where France and Greece are, and where the US is going if we don’t take our debt problem seriously?  Unlike with our families, our nation will not have it’s credit card taken away (Can we wait for China to make the call?), unless we elect adults to national office to deal with this problem.

Fact #2: The economy is dynamic not static

We have been incecently taught by our media & government the belief that if someone gets richer, it means someone else got poorer.  Leading the charge is our Deceiver-in-Chief, promoting the idea being that the economy is one fixed pool of money, so naturally a rich person growing his wealth, lowers what is available from that pool:  If someone wins, naturally, someone else loses.  Not only is this wrong, it’s just plain stupid.  Were that the case, the world would have the same gross domestic product every year since the beginning of time.   The simple truth is that economies are either growing or dying.  They are never static.  That means, when someone gets rich, their money provides opportunities for others to get rich.  Just think Apple, or Bill Gates, or when a new employer opens up shop in a small town.  The point being, our goal as a nation should be to set up policies to enable as many people as possible to become rich.

Fact #3:  We cannot tax our way to prosperity

Ok name just one country where this has worked.  I know this is an over simplification.  But really people, can you not see the futility in the practice of raising taxes?  When you raise taxes enough on one class of people, those people will most certainly change their behavior, thus lowering the expected tax revenues collected by that government.  There are so many examples of this; it’s actually creepy that this point is still argued by the Left.   I offer one recent example:  In February, it was reported that UK tax revenues from the top 50 British tax payers were lower than last year, even though the country increased the tax rate.  They have admitted that the targeted well-off Britons were “maneuvering to avoid the new high rate.”  One word, Dah!

The facts are simple.  Unless the US gets its financial house in order, and cuts spending, increases incentives for businesses to grow, provides economic freedom, and lowers taxes; we will be bankrupt, just like France and Greece.  It is only a matter of time.  So, when casting your vote in November, please don’t vote for the “what’s in it for me” ticket.  Instead, vote for the candidate that knows it is STILL all about the economy.

Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.

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Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.
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