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I have never been one to hide my opinions.  But, I find that I temper them within most forums online and off; for fear of injuring the feelings of a friend (I want to keep my friends), standing in the way of business (I don’t want to loose business), or causing a block in communications by forcing another to stubbornly stand behind the walls of their paradigm (I want to keep the discussion going).

However, I find there is a need often to speak out when passions or emotions run high.  When you feel slighted by other, especially in the press or in government.  That release of saying what’s on your mind, with the hope that someone will listen and maybe even be bent towards your way of thinking is what writing is all about.  This is what MichaelBanner.com is about.  Although I maybe less provocative, but perhaps more informative on Google+, Facebook, and our commercial websites; I will let my proverbial hair down here.

My hope is that you enjoy, but mostly to cause you to contemplate, and of course, respond if you feel so moved.

Evengelical about his faith and love for God, his wife, and the entrepreneural sprit of small business owners.

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